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Importance of Cabins

September 11, 2019

The widespread use of cabins as a temporary form of lodging has been steadily on the rise in recent times. Cabins are actually structures designed to serve as lodging be it temporarily or sometimes permanently. They come in a variation of different forms and sizes, and every single one of them has their own unique capabilities and advantages over the other. Cabins can also be found on ships and planes and they provide accommodation for crew members. However the main focal point would be on portable cabins such as labour quarter, portable toilets and also polyurethane (PU) cabin.


Such portable devices have the capabilities to serve a wide range of purposes. The most frequent usage of such are at construction or industrial sites. These temporary cabins are widely preferred over building a permanent structure at the site. Building a permanent structure would incur significant outlays and these funds can be saved through the use of portable cabins to serve as administrative or lodging centres. The uses of such cabins are also advocated because they require less physical space as opposed to building permanent structures. These structures are always intended to be temporary in nature and they are usually dismantled and deported after use. Portable cabins can be easily removed and reused whereas permanent buildings would go to waste after being demolished.


Portable cabins can also be used for businesses which require immediate and temporary expansions. A good example would be during public events or happenings, where companies conducting them require a temporary administrative base to handle their business operations. Hiring a portable cabin can be cost effective in large parts and they can be set up without much of a hassle. Such cabins can also be used for extensions by integrating and blending them into existing structures. Although they might appear to be bland and simple, such cabins can actually be transformed into perfect working environments with the right people at work.


Schools and colleges are also using these portable structures to make temporary extensions for their classrooms or their campuses. Sometimes the total enrollment might exceed intake capacities and these institutions would resort to these cabins as a temporary solution to cater the extra students. Building a permanent building just to cater for a few extra students might not seem to be wise decision financially. Such cabins can be installed as extensions to classrooms and they can be interiorly designed to appear as a normal functioning classroom with the basic amenities. Portable classrooms can always be installed and dismantled subjected to the enrollment number but the same does not apply for a permanent building.


Being temporary in nature requires these portable cabins to be disposed off accordingly once their useful life runs out. Environmentalists would approve and advocate the use of portable cabins, especially polyurethane (PU) cabins due to their environmental friendly traits. The idea of recycling and reusing has promoted the use of PU cabins to replace conventional cabins. These PU cabins cost a lot less and they are easier to dispose off compared to conventional cabins. The residue from such cabins can be used to remake brand new PU cabins. Although they cost somewhat less compared to conventional cabins, they have a shorter useful life. Normal cabins can be reused more frequently before their useful life expires.


Gerald Chan



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