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Benefits of Modular Building

May 14, 2019


Basically, modular buildings are constructed in a factory-based environment, then transported to site after completion which is usually around 6 weeks. Statistics have shown that modular buildings are constructed at a minimum 50% faster than those built onsite.



As speed is a main benefit of this construction method, the overall project price is reduced by 20-30% due to the significant reduction in labor costs. Less equipment is required for offsite construction which also assists in the saving of costs for these projects.



Quality does not be affected during the construction of a modular building. As the modules are constructed in a factory environment, any factors which may affect the overall quality of the building are eliminated. For instance, the building will be free from any moisture or disturbance with bad weather which normally affect the quality of the building during an onsite construction project.



Modular buildings are constructed using durable building products. SIP Panels are an insulated product that is water & fire resistant and extremely air tight. This building system is extremely energy efficient and is built to last.

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