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Portacabin Express has built an excellent reputation for delivering affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage across the UAE and MENA region. As a leader in manufacturing Prefabricated Cabins, Containerized Units, Prefabricated Buildings and Steel Structures, we empower our team of dedicated employees to deliver the high-quality portable cabins on time and within budget.
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Porta Express provides different maintenance and follow-up services for different types of portable cabins.


Porta Express can arrange all the transport and logistics to ensure a seamless and efficient relocation.

Repairs & Refurbishment

Porta Express can enhance or upgrade your buildings, cabins or containers at any time with minimum disruption to you.

Dismantling & Shifting

Porta Express can provide the dismantling, shifting and the assembly work at a cost-effective price.

Products & Solutions

Prefab Cabins

Portacabin Express cabins are the traditional style of cost effective portable cabin, with Plastisol exterior cladding; they are also very low maintenance. We offer different types of modular cabins depending on your requirements. Our cabins well suited to use on construction sites, schools or as a kiosk for events and exhibitions. Our cabins can be configured to have AC & fire safety features.

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Containerized Units

Portacabin Express offers an extensive range of portable containers - from flat packs and sanitary containers to worksite and accommodation containers. Flexibility of layout and design allows for a choice of internal and external options to meet your particular needs. Our containers are developed to provide maximum comfort, utility and long lifespan. We supply storage containers for rent to a number of key industries, including construction, retail and education. View a full selection of our containers below:

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containerized units

Prefab Buildings

Prefabricated/Modular buildings are sectional buildings or houses consisting of multiple modules built with the intended site of use as an accommodation building, hospital buildings, school buildings and so on. Our extensive range of prefabricated buildings solutions are used as permanent or temporary buildings in health care facilities, oil and gas worksite, schools, hospitals, offices and many other areas.

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Steel Structures

Portacabin Express has a lot of experience building a wide variety of steel structures such as steel hangar, steel warehouse, parking sheds and stairs & rails that are readily designed in standard dimensions for immediate installation. Our steel structures are used in oil & gas worksite, schools, hospitals and offices.

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Prefab Houses

Portacabin Express offers its clients an extensive range of prefabricated modular single or double story homes. Your prefab house will come with all electrical installations, plumbing, paint, doors and windows included. The main advantages of prefabricated houses are custom manufacturing, modern structures and designs, long life, high quality materials, energy-efficiency, and cost-effectively.

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Why Us


We adopt open and honest communication at all levels of the company. We conduct our business with the highest level of ethical standards.


Portacabin Express promotes recycling and reusing materials wherever possible.

On time

Portacabin Express values time and we aim to deliver each product on time to demonstrate our responsibilities to our clients.

Health & Safety

At Portacabin Express, we provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment with the objective of minimizing occupational accidents and illnesses.


Portacabin Express is dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services.

Value for Money

We believe in the importance of good value, whether simple cabins or state-of-the-art prefab buildings. Whatever your budget, we have a cost-effective solution to match.


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